Our first Dapp — HireVibes

Our first Dapp to the EOS community

What is EOS

HireVibes is a Jobs Dapp that will


Incentivise Crowdsourcing

HireVibes is a Jobs Dapp powered by economic and environmental incentives. It will incentivise the public crowd to source suitable candidates for job openings worldwide by sharing a 5% reward in HireVibes tokens (HVT) for applying directly or referring candidates to job openings successfully.

The reward amount will be calculated as a percentage of the rate or salary of the job fill in question. This reward will also include a fund for donating to qualified Humanitarian and Environmental initiatives of the new hires’ choice, creating a positive and rewarding user experience.

Incentivise financially and ethically

By financially and ethically incentivising the public crowd to source suitable candidates for job openings worldwide; hirers that advertise on HireVibes will attract a higher quality and a larger quantity of direct and referred CV applications to their job ad’s. This will enable hirers to consistently make the right hires in a social and cost-effective way that generates highly positive PR for each Employer Brand.

Enabling anyone to earn a cryptocurrency reward when finding a new job for themselves or their peers, while also making a positive and quantifiable contribution to the environment; both combined, create positive experiences and higher vibes for the jobseeker, the hirer and the community at large.

Transform HR

Our collective skills and energy could be channelled better to help clean the environment and create abundance for all that live on the planet. Our mission is to redirect some of the flow of wealth going to centralised profit-driven agencies into a river of resources for people and the planet using blockchain technology and crowd swarm intelligence.

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